“Cultural Landscape” of Warsaw

Having lived abroad most my adult life and only recently relocated back to Poland, I am often feeling like a newcomer in my own country. As I adapt to living back in Poland and to Warsaw (which is not the town I grew up in), I found myself meeting many other newcomers who have made Warsaw their home, whether permanent or temporary. I was intrigued to discover their stories – what brought them here? How long have they been here? How have they adapted to living in Poland? Through meeting these fellow newcomers and our conversations I found a common ground of experiences in our relocations to Warsaw. Generally Poland is not known to be very multicultural but I wanted to showcase that in fact while not as multicultural as other major cities such as London, there is in fact a vibrant expat community who live here and have made Warsaw their home.  This is the Cultural Landscape of Warsaw.

If you would like to take part of the Cultural Landscape project or know anyone who may be interested, please contact me for further information.


Pawel Dobrowolski